"Letters to a Narcissist"

My third and last EP. To be released 5th of July. It's the result of two years studying Jazz in Lisbon, and the amazing friendship and partnership I built during my living experience in Portugal. The musicians involved in the recording of this album are nowadays the official band of  TYLER FARADAY.(Click on their names to know more) Rogério Pitomba, Ozeas Miranda and Claudio Andrade, are the fingerprint of this EP, recorded by Sergio Milhano at Ponto Zurca, (Lisbon) And mixed and mastered by Eduardo Pinheiro at Megaphone Studios, Natal (Brazil). 

Art by Tyler Faraday.

1. Tears and Smiles   3:46

2. Everything I See   3:21

3. Yellow Bird   3:33

4. Falling Castles   4:27

5. Gaslight   4:33


My second EP was a big step forward in 2017. I had the most beautiful experience singing next to my friends Tara Stephenson, Allan Bohem and Kofi Abban, on the drums, Claudio Sanchez, Double bass by Joan Masana, keys by Alex Berenguer and Basses by Eric Pozzo, Pablo Fernandez and Kini Cañete. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Raul Ranea.

Art by Nicko Baills.

1. Trust and Follow   3:44

2. Turia   3:42

3. Pools   3:31

4. TV Hides the CEO   5:02

5. Echo   4:00

"Low Rain"

This is my first EP as a singer-songwriter, released in 2015. Kind of like Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago", this album could be called Lorraine. Composed and recorded in the loneliness of a country house, under the demons of a broken heart and the transition of  the death of the band that was my life since I was 16.  Mixed and Mastered by Kini Cañete.

Art by Tyler Faraday.

1. Muted and Deaf   3:46

2. Like a Brace   3:10

3. Slow Down   3:45

4. Everlasting Love   3:31

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