Spanish singer-songwriter based in Lisbon. After six years working as an engineer, I gave up everything to start a roadtrip in my van, studying jazz and busking around Europe. After two years in Portugal, I was invited to participate at "The Voice" and somehow ended up installed in Lisbon releasing my latest Album. "Letters to a Narcissist".

To make a living, I play mostly covers on the streets of Lisbon. I declare myself as a street art lover. It is there where I find the most pure recognition. It´s by far my favorite stage. I play under the sun, and then under the sunset until night falls amongst the city lights. I sing for families, kids, to the rich and to the poor.

Nowadays, touring with Rogério Pitomba on the drums and Ozeas Miranda on the bass, two amazing musicians from Brazil that recorded, next to Claudio Andrade, my latest EP.

This trip took a while. I started playing at a garage band in Málaga, when I was 16, and never stopped. In the meanwhile, I finished my engineering studies, in Málaga, then Valencia and finally Brazil. After that, I found a job as an engineer and worked three years in Chicago and then three more in Munich. I decided to take a leap into the music business and it worked. My last 3 years I have been mostly playing covers, in the streets of Lisbon, but also at some events and venues. So many people ask me "why busking". I can tell, busking is not recognized as it should. Also I understand there is many different ways to busk, and being at the streets. So for me it's not like I am asking for money, I am actually making music, sharing art and enjoying. There are many things I enjoy, like eating ice-cream, and as I don't expect anyone to pay me for eating ice-cream, I am not expecting anyone to tip me. I am there to have fun, and eventually people compensate this with coins. That is the relationship I want to have with art and with my creativity. Then, what you get in return is just as amazing as life itself. Smiles, happiness, love, recognition. I don't know a better stage. And I can't wait to do the same, but with my own songs, in a place people came intentionally for. I mean, a concert scheduled, where people who appreciate my music came to listen.


That´s why right now I am trying to make a new life transformation, and work mostly with my original work. I am working hard to create an structure to make it possible. It´s not so easy, since the music industry is not based in music anymore, but entertainment. Feeling like music became a part of the equation, but not the main spot. So, to play the game, it's necessary to take care of many things I am not concerned about. Things that are far away from my interest and skills, things that has nothing to do with music, art or creativity. And eventually you have to learn to do all these new things by yourself, investing a lot of time for not even getting a good result. Or you could let someone else do this for you. Someone who is not specially focused in helping you to spread your message, but to make the collaboration interesting economically for him, which ends up being kind of the opposite you were trying in first place.


Anyways, just appreciate you found some minutes to show interest here, hopefully because I had the chance to make you feel happy at some point of our cosmic interaction. Keep in touch! and as I say every time I finish a performance: " Nice to meet you, guys. Have fun on your holidays and be good to each other!"

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